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P25 Public Safety Digital Portables (Submersible)
256 Channels, VHF


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 256 Channels
  • Wideband Frequency Range
  • Ultra Rugged
  • Large, Dot Matrix LCD
  • Program P25 or Analog, per Channel
  • Interchangeable with Motorola XTS Series & Other
  • Li-Ion Power
  • Submersible Construction (JIS-7)
  • MDC 1200 - Standard (Motorola)
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • MIL STD 810 C, D, E, F

Federally Compliant P25 Technology
All radio products purchased by Federal Agencies or with Federal grants must be P25 compliant as of January 2005

Mixes with your current VHF system and is ready for P25 Digital at any time.  Each channel can be programmed for either your current analog channel or a digital channel.  Be ready for APCO P25 Digital!

Icom's IC-70DS and IC-70DT Series portables are perfect for those agencies who need a P25 radio but are not ready or don't need all the extra features and expenses

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Qty Model No. Description Cost List
F80 DS 31 P25 Compliant, 5 Watt, YHF, 380-450 MHz, 256 Channels, FIPS AES installed, no keypad $798.75 $1065
F70 DT 11  P25 Compliant, 5 Watt, VHF, 136-174 MHz, 256 Channels, I.S. Analog & Digital - with keypad $888.75 1185

Charger is sold separately (See Below)

BP-254 3040 mah LiIon Battery 139 155
BP-254FM 3040 mah LiIon Battery, Intrinsically Safe 165 183
BC-121NF70 Multi-Unit Desktop Charger 534 593
BC-119N 61 Desktop Rapid Charger, with adapter cup  72 80
LC-F70 Loop Leather Case with Loop 34 38
LC-F70 Clip Leather Case with Clip 40 45
NC-F70 Clip Nylon Case with Clip 24 27
NC-F70 Loop Nylon Case with Loop 22 25
HM-138 Speaker Mic - Waterproof IPX7 117 130
HS-94 Earpiece type headset for VX-1SC 23 25
HS-95 Headset with Boom Flex Mic for VS-1SC  194 215
HS-97 Earphone with Throat Mic for VS-1SC  38 42
VS-1SC VOX/PTT for Headsets 61 68
CSF-70/1700 Programming Software for PC 72 72
OPC-966 Programming Cloning Cable for PC to Radio 168 168
OPC-966U Programming Cloning Cable for PC to Radio with USB Connection 168 168
UT-109 02 Non-Rolling Voice Scrambler - Up to 32 Codes 95 105
UT-110 02 Rolling Code Voice Scrambler - Up to 1020 Codes 156 173
UT-124 01 Man Down Unit 81 90

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