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Campus & In-Building Directional Antennas



Direct Link
Direct Link is a series of wall and mast mount directional antennas that have been designed to meet the most demanding needs of the contemporary wireless environment. DirectLink's attractive, UV resistant housing and mounts allow the antennas to be mounted anywhere in the campus or in-building environment. The antennas offer very precise and controllable pattern characteristics in frequencies starting with the 1710 MHz DCS band and continuing through the 5.725 GHz ISM band. All popular contemporary wireless system applications are covered with gain characteristics varying with frequency. 

All antennas in the series may be wall or mast mounted and all are available with a variety of flush and articulating mounts. Flush mounts allow the antenna to hug the wall for minimal visual impact. There are two available articulating mounts that allow the pattern to be directed while still maintaining visual impact. 

Standard antennas come with either TNC, SMA or N female connectors and an integrated coaxial pigtail. Other connector and pigtail combination are available upon request. 

Omni directional antennas for PCS/DCS and Wireless LAN
Cushcraft is world renowned for its special purpose omni directional antenna designs antenna designs. Antennas are available for frequencies from the 1.7 GHz DCS band through the 5.8 GHz ISM band and can either be suspension ceiling mounted, I-beam mounted or mast mounted. 

2.4 GHz Monopole Omni 
The Cushcraft 2.4 GHz monopole antenna has a large backplane and is designed for applications with a very focused omni directional pattern where an in-building system is required.

Squint Ceiling Mount Omnidirectional Antennas
Squint Omnidirectional antennas offer a unique solution to the low power characteristics of RF Distribution Systems, microcells and picocells. Squint antennas provide Omnidirectional azimuth plane pattern characteristics while focusing energy where it is most desired for an in-building or campus-wide coverage environment. The unique pattern characteristics of the Squint Series also help mitigate the kinds of multipath problems that often confront systems designed to provide in-building or campus-wide coverage. Squint antennas come in two sizes and in frequencies from 806 MHz to 5.875 GHz. They are offered with ceiling mount hardware and vertical column mount hardware for system infrastructure applications as well as hardware for mounting to vending machines and other fixed remote apparatus. Squint antennas are available with integral coax pigtails and a variety of connectors or can be supplied with fixed connectors. All enclosures are UV stabile.
Common Specs:

Power:                          75 Watts (25 Watts at 5 GHz)
Polarization:                  Linear
Dimensions & Weight:    Standard Wall Mount:  5.70 x 3.81 x 1.50 in. - 5 oz.
                                   Articulating Wall Mount:  5.80 x 3.81 x 2.26 in. - 8 oz.
Connectors:                  SMA, TNC.  Other connector types available on special request
Mounting:                     Standard units for wall mounting.  Mast mount bracket kits available.  Custom mount configurations for volume users
Cable:                          Low loss pigtail provided


Qty Model No. Description

Gain (dBi)

3 dB E-Plane

Bandwidth, H-Plane



Connector (female)

S57212AMP10SMF DirectLink, 5725-5825 MHz, 12 dB gain, Wall Mount 10' coax 12 27 58 1.51: 20 SMA $64
S57212MP10SMF DirectLink, 5725-5825 MHz, 12 dB gain, Wall Mount, 10' coax 12 27 58 1.51: 20 SMA 55
S2307AMP10SMF DirectLink, 2300-2500 MHz, 7.5 dB gain, Wall Mount, 10" coax 7.5 50 65 1.51: 12 SMA 58
S2307MP10SMF DirectLink, 2300-2500 MHz, 7.5 dB gain, Wall Mount, 10" coax 7.5 50 65 1.51: 12 SMA 49
S2307MP10TNF DirectLink, 2300-2500 MHz, 7.5 dB gain 7.5 50 65 1.51: 12 TNF 47
S2307AMP10TNF DirectLink, 2300-2500 MHz, 7.5 dB gain 7.5 50 65 1.51: 12 NF 55
Special Purpose Omni Directional       Antennas                                                 


E-Plane Height Weight Power Mount List
S2400BH12NF Fiberglass Omni, 2 dBi, 2400-2500 MHz,  12" coax 2 75 9" .29 lb. 50 Watts Ceiling 40
S2403BP12NF Fiberglass Omni, 3 dBi, 2400-2500 MHz, 12" coax 3 38 11.5" .41 lb. 50 Watts Tube end 40
S2403BH12NF Fiberglass Omni,2400-2500 MHz, 3 dB gain 3 38 11.5" .31 lb. 50 Watts Ceiling 35
S2403M12NF Fiberglass Omni,2400-2500 MHz, 1 dB gain 1 60 2" .5 lb. 50 Watts Ceiling 59
Squint Omni Directional Panel Antennas Campus & In-Building Omnidirectional antennas                                                 


Polarization Dimensions Weight Connector (Female) Mount List
SQ2303P12NF 2300-2500 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain 3.5 Linear 10 x 10 x 1.5 .29 lb. N Ceiling 52
SQ5153PG12SMF 5150-5350 MHz, 3.5 dB Gain 3.5 Linear 10 x 10 x 1.5 .29 lb. SMA Ceiling 47
MOUNTS                                                  List
ALLPMTP Universal Mast Mount Bracket for DirectLink  15
ALLPMTW Universal Wall  Mount Bracket for DirectLink  14
ALLPMTA All Purpose Mount Bracket for 6" x 6" Housing  27
ALLPMTB All Purpose Mount Bracket for 6" x 13" Housing  26
TM905BRK Tilt Mount Bracket for 3" x 26" Housing 43

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